Reinvent Your Wardrobe -Hacks to keep your closet fuss-free!

Reinvent Your Wardrobe -Hacks to keep your closet fuss-free!

1.jpg It’s no surprise the everyday rat race sends our organising & planning in a tizzy! No matter how hard we try, we end up scuttling to keep things together. And the one thing that seems to take the maximum toll every time is – our wardrobe.

A sock here, a kerchief there. You’re more likely to waste time looking for your fashion bits & bobs more than working on that presentation slide. True story, isn’t it?! So, what exactly is the mantra to keep it all together and not break a sweat?

Well, we bring to you a field guide to sort your wardrobe, and then some. Thank us later!

First off…


Destruction before creation. Take all the contents of your closet out. Clothes, linen, shoes, accessories and what have you. This way you’ll be able to decide which section to be dedicated to which inventory – shoes, belts, outfits, perfumes etc.

And then

Use containers/boxes to store teeny weeny bits like socks, cufflinks, ties. Unless you can manage with small fixtures/fittings, you can also create small divides within sections for that extra space. Pull-out racks for trousers is definitely a nice idea.


Followed by

Elimination of what you don’t need at all. Do away with what hasn’t caught your fancy in months, if not years. Also create segregation basis the season. So for now, you can put those summer essentials in hibernation! More importantly, divide your stuff which needs to be placed in the wardrobe and that which doesn’t belong inside at all.



If you manage to hold on till step 3, then try organising the outfits through colour coding. It’s simple, same colour clothes stick together and the ones with graphic & style go to another section. It’s really useful when you’re scouring for that specific party shirt; as it becomes easily identifiable. Or, if this is still too much of an ask you can stack them organized. Like this!


And finally!

Shoes and footwear need no meticulous planning. The thumb rule is to make them visible. Better than looking into each box painstakingly, opt for a shoe rack in case you don’t have built-in in your closet.


We sure believe, this will save the day, week and what not! You could probably use all that saved time for a small vacay (OK, that’s exaggeration). But regardless, this is a sure-fire hit when it comes to keeping your wardrobe tidy and supremely functional! What do you think? Like, comment, share. Have your say.

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