Solve your party wear confusion

Solve your party wear confusion

It's often confusing for one to decide what to wear to a party, especially when it's an office party.  Most people continue wearing their office clothing. However, some  experimentation with casual clothing is a great way to let your guard down and give people a peek into a different facet of your personality.  We suggest you dump your boring office shirts and trousers and get stylish.

It is important to dress for yourself. However, it's equally important to make an impression on the one night of the year designed to encourage social interaction in your office.

With the above in mind, pick a style that suits you best and tailor your outfit to your situation. Keep the following suggestions in mind when selecting your clothing for the much awaited party.

The sober look

Knitwear and trousers: This is a very conservative, yet stylish look, that can be achieved with no effort at all. For example: A plain shirt teamed with your favourite shirt, chinos and desert boots.

The fashionable look

If you are fashion forward and would like to make a style statement, a Polo shirt with trousers, and a trendy piece like a double-breasted or knit jacket is the solution.

The cocktail look

If it’s a cocktail office party, a black suit with a bow-tie is perfect for the occasion. Leather Oxfords, either in black or dark tan, are the standard choice for cocktail ensembles. You can also wear a suit without the bow-tie for a more casual look.

The European look:

This look requires a blazer, a polo neck t-shirt and Jeans or chinos. An addition of Derby shoes will make the look sharper and crisper.

Apart from the above-mentioned looks, there are also a few accessories which will help you enhance the party look:

A silk scarf:

A smart watch:

A bow tie:

Hope you have enjoyed reading this blog. If you have any other suggestions on the post, do let us know in the comments section below. Till then, party hard!

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