Street style lessons for monsoon

Street style lessons for monsoon

The monsoon is upon us, and it feels like the perfect time to relax and binge watch our favourite shows. But getting a day to yourself without having to worry about work is just wishful thinking! We all have work or someplace where we must be. The season doesn’t come without its benefits as most fashion houses have discount sales. When there is a host of deals lined up, it’s hard to resist buying a whole new wardrobe for yourself. To help you get fashion ready this monsoon, I Mr. Bro am going to be your lifesaver and help you get through this gloomy wet weather.

1.Cool and Casual – If you think it’s easy to dress casually, think again! Your clothes need to be in sync yet funky enough to look appealing. A pastel shirt teamed with smart shorts are ideal wear for a rainy day. Trousers pose the risk of getting wet at the hems if there are puddles or if the streets are water logged. You can opt for boat shoes or white plimsolls depending on your taste.

2.A Fun Night Out – Minimal dressing is in vogue. You can try your hand at effortless masculine dressing by wearing a light hued blazer (think greys and sky blue) as the colours compliment the night time. Wear a luxury Chinese collar shirt with it and add a printed pocket square that’ll set you apart from the crowd. Pair the outfit with check trousers and Venetian loafers to show your sartorial proficiency.

3.Well-fitting Jeans – Jeans should be comfortable enough for you to sleep in and not bother about changing for bedtime. Hence the fit of your jeans is of utmost importance. Monsoons imply high sweat and humidity. Thus, you should refrain from wearing denim that is too fitted and can stick on to you. This might especially become uncomfortable if it rains and you get completely soaked. Don’t forget the colour of your jeans. Light coloured jeans get dirty easily, and it can get difficult to remove the stains. So, stack your blue stone-washed denim for later and opt instead for loose fitted dark coloured jeans.

4.Loose T-shirts – Own a whole bunch of comfortable thin tee shirts in as many colours as you’d like. This is a monsoon essential and can brighten up the gloomiest of days. It is easy to dry them if you get soaked. You get to pick from a whole range of prints that different brands have up for grabs in an unprecedented way as prints have dominated the streets and markets.

5.Footwear– Dirty shoes are something everyone detests during the rains. Easily washable shoes should be worn in the rainy season. Flip flops are ideal when there are puddles everywhere. You can’t wear them for work, but they are suitable for most other casual occasions. There are many types of shoes that are durable for monsoons. Wear gum boots. Sandals and loafers are comfort wear and look good as well.

So, what’s stopping you from enjoying the drizzle? Get your brightest raincoats out and defy nature’s will of keeping you indoors. It’s not always that you get to have a splash and a bang at the same time!

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