Suit Up This Season

Suit Up This Season

It’s the time for all sorts of festivities and parties. From Diwali to Christmas and New Years, this season is packed with fun-filled get togethers and events as it also follows the wedding season.  Since suits for men are always evolving, a lot of them out there are easily confused with terms like ‘slim-fit’ or ‘modern cut’. It is absolutely imperative that when you buy a suit, or have one made, that it adheres to certain rules and incorporates current trends.

Rear View of Stylish SuitFront View of Suits Buying a suit is lot easier than getting it made for yourself. There is almost little to no time involved in acquiring a suit, as you can just pick it off the rack and take it home. This is the easiest way to get a suit that adheres to all fashion rules and trends of the season. One of the basic rules for trying on suits is to pick one with a proper fit. “Fitting” is the most important element there is. Oversized suits will make you look bulky and fat whereas undersized suits will make you look like you borrowed your younger brother’s. You want a suit that is yours and only yours, which is why it is very important to buy a suit that fits you well. One way to get a properly fitting suit is to look at the shoulders. If the shoulders fit properly, your suit will mostly not need alterations. The shoulders of the suit should be exactly the same shape as your shoulders. It should drape naturally.

Now the bottom of the sleeve should fall in the space between the base of your wrist and the bottom knuckle of your thumb. To check the length of your sleeves, drop your arms to your side and relax. With your arms in this position, the sleeve should fall properly without covering over your thumb.

Next, you must check the length. This is the tricky part. The end of your suit jacket must cover your bottom just enough, but should never be shorter. This may need alteration as it depends on your height. Always choose vented jackets if you’re a bit on the bulkier side. Two vents are perfect if you’re broader at the waist. If you’re a thin person, choose either one vent, or none at all as two will make you look lanky. Formal Shirt with Tie

When it comes to pants, they should hang from your natural waist. The American way to wear your pants is to cuff them, however, the British way to wear it, is without cuffing them, so choose accordingly. Pleated pants are a bit a tricky, especially if you don’t know how to carry it off. Flat-front pants are the best way to have a modern look. The trousers must break exactly at the top of your shoe. It is worth getting it altered in case you cannot find a perfect length.

Formal Pants to suit your Style Pants act as an anchor for your flair, make sure they fit their best. Get the perfect fit according to different the styles discussed and look your best!

When it comes to accessories such as socks and belts there are set rules that you HAVE TO follow.

Firstly, your belt and shoes must always match. There is never an exception to this rule.

Secondly, socks must be long enough to cover any skin. Skin must never show, so leave those ankle socks in sneakers.

Thirdly, with ties, make sure they are darker than your shirt, and are exactly as wide as the lapel you wish to wear.

If you want to experiment, you can do so with pocket squares. You can be as quirky as you want with them, but make sure they never match your tie in any way whatsoever.

And, that’s it! The basic guide to suiting up. Formal wear for men has never been easier.


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