T-shirts that aevery man must have in his closet

T-shirts that every man must have in his closet

Fashion fades; style is eternal. There is no limit to the number of ways a man can dress! Dressing right starts with the staples, like t-shirts. Picking clothes is not the easiest task for men, especially when you have no idea what you are looking for. So, I, Mr. Bro here, have got your back. I will help you pick t-shirts that must be present in your wardrobe. Just like choosing toothpaste, the market has way too many options; I will help you choose the best!

1) Crewneck T-Shirt:

This one is your wardrobe chameleon. A simple, timeless classic the crewneck suits almost every man. Black, white, grey, beige; pick any colour. Plus, you can choose one in every fabric like cotton, cashmere, and even wool. Get one that fits your body and flatters your silhouette. Wear it under a jacket or even on its own, it's an incredibly functional piece of menswear clothing.

2) V-Neck T-Shirt:

A twist to the classic crewneck t-shirts, V-necks add a slight visual dimension to the standard tees. A less formal piece, V-necks are better suited for shorter men as they add height to their appearance. It is advisable not to pick a wide neck because plunging necklines are best left for the ladies! Stick to a slightly narrow one because subtlety is the key to style.

3) Polo Neck T-Shirt:

A fine yard of elegance, polo neck t-shirts will hold up for the years to come. This member of the t-shirt family will help you elevate your tee game! A deluxe version of your average t-shirt, polos look best in solid colours. Opt for a fitting piece that hugs your torso and team it with a pair of chinos or even shorts for an old school look.

4) Printed T-Shirt:

Superhero tee picked from the last Comic Con? Well, it looks good on all the guys irrespective of the body type. You can also pick t-shirts embellished with band logos or sitcom quotes, but remember there is a fine line between ironic and moronic. While there are plenty of super stylish options out there but if you need only one, then splurge on the best. They look best when worn casually with a pair of denim or even under a jacket for a fun evening with friends.

5) Graphic T-Shirt:

Graphic t-shirts have a boyish charm. They give a casual look to the outfit and should be worn on a laid-back day with friends or to the gym. Choose graphic tees that have sensible logos and tasteful designs instead of those with crass humour.

T-shirts are a go-to staple in every man's wardrobe. A grab and go style that will always look cool even if you wear them repeatedly! So now you can pick up that shopping bag with confidence and add these pieces to your closet.

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