Taking your mom out on a date, this Mother’s Day? Look your best with these fashion tips!

“A boy’s best friend is his mother.”- Joseph Stefano

Mothers are like glue; after all, they’re the force holding a family together. While we celebrate these phenomenal women every single day, this Mother’s Day we shall help you honour motherhood in an unforgettable way. Your friend and guide, Mr Bro, will chaperone you on a memorable mother-son dinner date that will be as remarkable as she is.

So here are some tips straight from the fashion pundit’s book to help look best:


Fit is king

You may always be her little boy, but if you’re going out on a date with a woman, dress like a man. Start with the basics: fit is king. Even if you’re pairing a simple shirt and trousers with an evening dinner jacket, make sure the outfit is flattering and tailored to accentuate your features. A well-fitted simple ensemble will always trump a flamboyant ill-fitted piece.


Look dapper and dashing

For a cosy, quiet dinner date with your mom, opt for a simple yet sophisticated ensemble. Pick a refreshing pastel shirt from Oxemberg’s Spring Summer 2018 collection and pair it with classic denim for a debonair look. Old-fashioned as it may sound, begin your date night with a bouquet of fresh flowers for the lady of the hour because tradition never fails to bring a smile!


Accessorise your outfit

Add small details to your outfit that could be souvenirs of your parents. Wear your grandfather’s vintage watch, add a pocket square monogrammed with your mother’s initials, or a boutonnière of your mom’s favourite flower. Or just play it safe with a versatile belt and comfortable shoes. Don’t overdress but also don’t end up looking slouchy. Follow Mr Bro’s fail-safe guide to ace your date night with mom.


Pay attention to grooming

Always pay attention to basic hygiene, no matter how informal the date. So, trim the fuzz, tame the mane, and soften the hide. Nothing gives more joy to a mother than to see her cute little boy transform into a charming gentleman. Cut your nails and nose hair, shower, and dab on some cologne as you get ready.


Be thoughtful

Fashion is more than what meets the eye. It’s a path to express your true spirit and personality. And on Mother’s Day, Mr. Bro feels that adding a bit of preparedness and consideration will take your date up a notch. Book a table, buy her flowers, and order something that you know is her favourite. Surprise her! Dress sharp, be a gentleman and listen to her intently – because, in the end, there’s no greater gift than time.


While going on a date with the woman you owe your existence to, ensure you’re well-dressed, well-groomed, and well-mannered.

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