Top 5 Reasons to try out active adventure sports

Top 5 Reasons to try out active adventure sports

Tired of surfing through the choices your television set offers while you gain a few extra pounds? Get that bum off the couch and burn those calories like never before by treating your body to some much deserved exercise. While white water rafting, zip lining, sky diving, kayaking and rock climbing might seem intimidating, it really isn’t that hard and can end up being a lot of fun. To help you make the most out of your summer break, I Mr Bro am here to help guide you through the details of a well-planned adventure sports break with your best buds this summer.

1.Exercise becomes adventure –Getting your daily dose of cardio or weight lifting is a very good way to becoming fitter. For cross training however, taking the workout beyond the gym is a must. Adventure sports have been known to make people self-reliant and better at teamwork, all this while extracting you from your zone of comfort. A simple thing like running outdoors or rock climbing uses more groups of muscle, develops balance and makes your brain workout too as there are endless variables.

2.Ease your way out of easy – A lot of people may be hesitant to try out things such as scuba diving, rappelling or mountain biking, thinking they might not enjoy it or have the skills to do so. Encouraging people to try out new activities might help them realise things that they didn’t know about themselves. The best way to get out of a negative mind set about one’s self is to get out of the comfort zone and do something intimidating like zip lining or bungee jumping. Once you start, the rest will take care of itself as you won’t see the need to stop.

3.Bond better with your bros- Seize every opportunity and try to make the most out of it this summer, like never before. Relive the child in you as you take the play ground to a different level and have the time of your life with your buddies. Adventure sports give a spike to your adrenaline levels and this shared rush helps you foster better bonding with your friends. Also when you have a mutual goal in sports like white water rafting, it makes you work together as one and there is team effort to accomplish the required target. No wonder so many corporates are sending their best workers on planned adventure sports packages.

4.Build better group dynamics- A lot of sports like skiing and rock climbing or any other such activities in tough terrains need a lot of teamwork, trust and great communication skills. This is helpful as it develops team dynamics and communication skills needed for working together towards a common target. In these hard conditions, one can’t help themselves without helping others around them.

5.Advantages of adventure –True outdoor enthusiasts will look for opportunities for learning more and to challenge their limits. The physical and emotional benefits of adventure sports are many, ranging from better problem solving, positive thinking and improved health. Those that undergo the entirety of their sporting adventure end up completing it with better emotional balance and improved fitness.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your sports shoes and get ready to smash through obstacles one by one!

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