Trouser tales: New trouser trends this summer

Trouser tales: New trouser trends this summer

A man is measured by what he wears, especially his pants. Do your trousers tell a nice tale about you? If not, then don’t worry. Mr. Bro has some tips for looking crisp in your pants:

Bleached jeans - The classic material has been a season favourite this summer. Denims failed to make their presence felt for most of the year gone by. This year however, bleached and faded denims are making a long due come back. Denim that has been treated, paired with other denim accessories, looks good when you don’t go overboard with it, bro.

Camouflage pants - Camouflage pants took the runways by a storm this season. More and more people are trying out this edgy trend. Pair them up with a light coloured jacket in the winters and white, long drawn vests in the hotter months and you will be good to go.

Sweatpants in socks - Once thought to be a major fashion no-no, this dorky style has upped its cool quotient and many fashion favourites have been spotted flaunting their socks this year. Graphic socks, especially, have a serious fan following. So pull up your socks and flaunt your spirit and your mood with a wide range of socks up for grabs!

Wide cropped pants - After quite a few years of slim fit trousers being everyone’s favourite, this year will see a rise in pants cropped for a looser fit. This is a welcome change from tight clinging pants of yesteryears. You can simply pair these with a polo t-shirt or a light cotton shirt. This is the perfect outfit to beat the heat when the temperatures are soaring, bro!

All suited up - Formals are the new rage again. The only twist is the baggy new way of wearing them. Roomy suits with loose fitted trousers look fabulous and lend an air of casual coolness. Additionally, pants that reach just above the ankle look dapper and are a nice nod to the 80’s aesthetic.

Colour correct - The perfect shade for the year is copper and it can be your go-to colour. Dark blues and greens look good when matched with lighter coloured shirts, jackets and shackets (shirt + jacket). Patterned and graphic heavy pants look fun and suave and should be paired with monochrome shirts.

Chinos – These pants were originally intended for military wear and soon got wide acceptance among masses. Chinos are a safe fashion bet for most occasions and shouldn’t be worn sparingly. The colour of chinos should be varied according to need. Darker shades suit formal events while brighter colours are best for outdoors or relaxed get-togethers. Blue is a time tested option and just like denim, can be paired with a whole range of interesting choices. For a cooler look and feel, try chinos made of coarser cloth like khadi. Another combination that works well is khaki coloured chinos matched with white footwear or a white shirt. The best part about chinos is that they are high on comfort.

Don’t let your pants pull you down when you fear of not knowing what to wear. With just a little help from Mr. Bro, put your fashion foot forward, and step out dressed to kill!

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