A watch tells more than just time

A watch tells more than just time

A great watch is a mark of your uniqueness. Invest in one that you will love and enjoy wearing. Pick one for yourself, as it’s going to reflect your individuality. Unlike other manly possessions which men use for expressing themselves such as cars, bikes, etc., a watch is constantly on display. A luxurious wristwatch can mark a milestone in one’s life like getting one’s first job or graduating from college. To help you choose from the vast array of choices when it comes to picking a timepiece, I Mr Bro, am here to help you out.

1.Size -The proportion of your wrist to your watch is critical. If bigger than needed, it’ll look flashy; too small and it will appear as if you’re wearing a woman’s timepiece. The best way to figure out if a watch is meant to be is by giving it a close look while on your wrist. If still not convinced about the ideal size then ask family and friends for their take. Watches are of course statement pieces.

2.Dress watch - The dress watch is all about sophistication and simplicity. Rather than being flashy, it subtlety makes it noticeable. Always go for a leather band when buying a dress watch, as it looks more classic. As the name suggests, dress watches are meant for formal and dressier occasions. They go well with a tuxedo or a business suit.

3.Field watch - Born out of the need for a rugged watch that could withstand the roughness of World War I, Field watches are all terrain watches that still look good. They are functional, stylish and sturdy all at once. These watches are versatile and can be worn on a range of occasions from casual wear to outdoor activities. A field watch is your best bet if getting suited up is not something you do very often.

4.Dive watch - They are the most common types of watches men are seen sporting. As the name implies they are water resistant. Since it is made to be used in water, the band and case are both corrosion proof and made from metals like titanium or stainless steel. You also get dive watches in silicone and rubber variants. The dive watch is versatile in terms of wear and can be worn in numerous occasions like formal, casual, business casual and sportswear. Like James Bond, you can even don a dive watch with a tuxedo.

5.Racing watch -Wristwatches and car racing have a link since the 1930s. It’s because race car driving depends hugely on precise timekeeping for determining the race results. The new standard was set for racing watches by installing a tachymeter and a chronograph, which eventually became the determinant factor for a driving watch. When compared to dive watches, racing watches are flashier. They’re more suited to casual wear.

So, what’s stopping you from making the purchase of a lifetime? Get ready for the best, worth your buck!

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