What’s the muscle growth mantra?

What’s the muscle growth mantra?

‘Have Proteins and lift harder, bro!' is a piece of advice every guy gets who is into muscle building. The struggle to build mass is real. You put in your time, sweat and maybe tears to gain muscles, and when you don’t see the expected results, disappointment is natural. If you have been training every day to build muscles but you are not happy with the results, chances are that you are making these mistakes.

1) You eat like a bird

To build new muscle you cannot live off salads and Whey protein! Your body needs that extra energy to gain extra muscle, which means you have to not only eat more but also eat right. Pump up your protein intake; they contain amino acids that help build and repair muscles. Follow a meal plan that includes a healthy mix of protein and carbs because you need them to replace the energy you lose during your training.

2) Your stint on sleep It is as simple as it gets: your body needs rest. When you train hard in the gym you need quality sleep for your muscles to grow. Your body is made up of complex compositions that have positive and negative impacts depending on the way you treat it. HGH or Human Growth Hormones are at their peak when the body is at rest. Lack of sleep also increases cortisol, a stress hormone that reduces muscle growth. So, just like your phone, you need to charge your body every night for better productivity.

3) Inapt Form

It is absolutely essential to use weights in the right manner, while working out. If you do not have a workout strategy, muscle building will obviously be a struggle. Which is why, so always start with the basics. The secret is to tone up each part of your body is engage as many muscles as possible. Once you have mastered the proper technique, start keeping a track of your progress. This will help you avoid overtraining and injuring your muscles.

4) Smoking and Drinking

Enjoy a glass of chilled beer? But think again, where does all the beer go? To the beer belly, of course. Drinking slows down muscle growth by reducing your metabolism rate. The body burns alcohol first; side tracking all your other calories, which means you are packing up on the pounds. Smoking, on the other hand, reduces the amount of oxygen required by your muscles, thereby making them less efficient for vigorous training. So, quit both for not just better muscle growth, but also a healthier lifestyle.

5) Hydrate

Muscles don't appear by magic. While you may be consuming all the right nutrients, if you don't drink enough water, the proteins will not be processed correctly. Just like your training, you have to be consistent with your intake of water. Water is crucial for proper digestion of your food, which ultimately helps your muscle grow. Also, dehydration leads to fatigue, which might make you less inclined to train harder and longer. So, the key is to drink up even if you aren't thirsty.

There are a number of factors that can influence your body's ability to react both positively and negatively. While you are leaving no stone unturned for better muscle gain, what you do before and after can also negate your hard work. Eliminate these saboteurs and watch your muscles grow!

Posted in Grooming on Jul 30, 2017

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