Winter Jackets

Winter Jackets

Days are going to get shorter and temperatures are going to drop! It's the season to be freezing, so let's get ready for some winter fashion! Winter clothes are fun to style with because you have so many things to cover yourself with.

Men's winter jackets or coats are the best to protect you from the cold and they make you look stylish as well. For example, a fleece or a softshell jacket are for mild cold weathers, an insulated or a 3-in-1 jacket suits are for colder seasons. It's better enjoying the winter then getting through it! The right choice of colours, layering and fitting of your apparel makes all the difference.

blog pic - 1 While shopping for your winter wear there are mainly two important aspects to keep in mind, i.e the type of weather you will be wearing it in and the type of occasions you will be wearing it to.

Let's start with the wool coat first! A wool coat is timeless, sophisticated and stylish. It's available in a variety of different styles, from a trench coat to a classic pea coat. A wool coat fulfils all the important aspects of a winter wear, it’s always really warm and comfortable. They never go out of style and a nice wool coat will last you a lifetime. They are perfect for daily office wear or a formal event.

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Next in line is the casual yet smart vest! Simply put, a vest is perfect for days when it's not too cold for a thick jacket, but not warm enough to give up an extra layer. You can wear a vest jacket on a fun saturday night with the guys or catching your favorite sports team play.

blog pic - 4 Now comes the famous and sexy Leather jackets! They are truly timeless in style and extremely warm, especially when it comes to facing the wind. They are for a man who wants a rugged and powerful style statement and is ready to make a serious investment. Some leather jackets are lighter and apt for warmer weather, and some very heavy and thick, which are a great look for the winter season. Blog pic - 5 The Parkas is the kind of winter wear which is meant for casual outings. They tend to be slightly longer than the waist coat. They can vary is material, weight and style. They are good for layering, you can wear them over a cozy sweater. Nowadays they are strictly for casual wear especially with its hoodie. They are perfect for wearing it with denims. You can wear Parkas for any casual activity and for the pic - 6

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Now if it gets too chilly, then the best option is a down coat. They are pretty much a necessity when it comes to super chilly nights. They are comfortable and have various types of feather lining. These would keep you warm even in the harshest weather.

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Now comes the tricky and the most important part!

Finding your fit!

First things first: take a suit jacket that fits you squarely around your shoulders and arms, in the same manner you would approach your coat. Always allow a slightly extra space for layers, depending on how cold you feel. The length of the sleeves should be long enough to cover the sleeve of your inner shirt. If not, it would look shabby. Make your the coat fits you well on your waist since you don't want your coat to look extra loose or tight. Fitting makes all the difference to your look.

Hope you these winter jackets tips have helped you understand what to wear during winters. Enjoy your winters looking stylish and handsome! For more style tips check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.


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